Sunday, November 29, 2009

Far Cry

This movie was doomed from the get-go. First off, it is based on a video game, a stigma that is almost always associated with complete failure, except in a few select cases. Secondly, it is directed by fucking Uwe Boll.
Who is Uwe Boll, you ask? Well, he is a total dickbag from Germany who finances his movies with his own money and doesn't have any clue how to make a decent film. His greatest hits include: Alone in the Dark, The House of the Dead, Blood Rayne, and Postal. And of course, by greatest hits, I mean total fucking garbage.
For example, in his film House of the Dead, he had the bright idea to splice in footage of the 32 bit arcade game in the middle of the major action sequences of the movie. Maybe it was to distract the people watching from the fact that he somehow screwed up a zombie movie, something that is pretty hard to do.
The third offense this movie is guilty of is the fact that it doesn't even follow the story of the game it is based on. There are simularities, sure, but it takes a complete retard to take the plot of a first person shooter game and make it even worse. This game was about a pissed off American ex-army type who gets his boat blown up and wants some revenge. In the game you get to stalk your foes in a dense jungle setting and use creative traps to take them out, in any order that you wish.
In the shitty movie version, the main character is like an even shittier version of Jean Claude Van Damme, and he cracks dumbass jokes the whole time and even asks a girl how good he was at fucking her on a scale of 1-10.
In all honesty, I fell asleep for a good portion of the movie towards the end, and I really didn't feel like any of the plot escaped me. What sucks is that this pile of shit has so much money that he can keep buying the rights to all your favorite video games, make shitty shitty movies out of them, and nobody can do dick about it. He even has a stable of B-actors that keep signing up to star in these crap fests. Goddamn Michael Madsen was in Blood Rayne, as was fucking GHANDI.
Okay, well even though it was a pile of steaming shit, I still try to find something to like in every movie I watch, so here is an attempt at a Pros and Cons list:
1. The cover of the movie resembles the cover of the game.
2. Most of the names remained unchanged.
3. It was only an hour and a half long.
4. I almost saw boobs.
5. There were a few explosions.
1. The main character was German
2. I almost saw Boobs.
3. It was an hour and a half long.
4. The director apparently wrote the movie after reading the plot of the game on Wikipedia.
5. The movie has a fat sidekick who wasn't in the game who just whines about his bad back and his meatball sub that went overboard during a boring boat chase.

Well there you have it. Most of you who know me know that I will defend movies that others find to be, well, shitty, so you have to understand that if I think a movie is shitty, you know it has to be complete shit. And that is what this blog will be about; movies that just suck, and there is no defending them.

P.S. Uwe Boll can eat a big fat dick.


  1. Uwe Boll really finances his own movies? How does he get money for this? Is his pops a count or some nonsense?

  2. I have no idea, I think it says on his Wiki page though. It also lists some choice quotes of his, including comments about hookers he hired to play vampires in Bloodrayne...